The State of Texas is in the process of shaping its solar future and framework through thorough policy debates. Conversations regarding the technology are ongoing in the state legislature, regulatory agencies, and communities around the state.  In fact, Texas spent significant time and resources in 2015 on two bills that directly affect deployment of solar power.

  • Current and Recent Issues:
    • Docket Number 44941
      • The Texas Public Utilities Commission is reviewing a rate-shifting proposal that requires solar users to pay fees that will be used to promote and maintain transmission and distribution lines within the State.
    •  H.B. 3539/S.B. 1626
      • Amends property code to limit a declarant’s authority to prohibit or restrict an owner of property from installing a solar energy device during development period.
      • Signed into law on 5/23/2015 and effective as of 9/1/2015.
    •   H.B. 706
      • Amends the procedure for claiming an exemption from ad valorem taxation on property with installed solar device.
      • Signed into law on 6/10/2015 and effective as of 1/1/2016.
  • Regulatory Agencies
    • The Texas Public Utility Commission regulates utilities by setting rates and standards to ensure proper management, maintenance, and use of the state’s resources.