New Hampshire

New Hampshire is in the process of shaping its solar energy future through a robust public policy debate. Conversations regarding solar power are ongoing in the state legislature, regulatory agencies, and communities around the state.  New Hampshire’s legislature has been particularly active on this topic as recently as April 2016 when the state legislature passed a landmark solar energy bill essentially doubling the state’s net metering cap.

Current and Recent Issues:

  • S.B. 333 – In January 2016, the New Hampshire Senate voted on and passed S.B. 333, ‘An Act Relative to Net Energy Metering’ in response to Eversource Energy, Inc. reaching its net metering cap. This bill raises the state’s net metering cap to 75 megawatts and directs the Public Utilities Commission to create a tariff for all electric generation over the 75MW cap.
  • H.B. 1116 – In March 2016, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on and passed S.B. 1116 ‘An Act Relative to Net Energy Metering’ as a companion bill to S.B. 333. This bill builds on the Senate’s work but increases the net metering cap to 100 megawatts and gives a similar directive to the Public Utilities Commission.
  • Governor Maggie Hassan signed H.B. 1116 into law in May 2016.

Legislative Activity and Committees:

Regulatory Agencies:

  • The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission has been charged with implementing and regulating the state’s net metering polies and procedures.