Consumer Protection

Solar energy is a new and highly technical industry.  Much like buying a car, those selling residential solar typically know much more about it than those purchasing it.  For that reason, it is important that you take time to research solar technology, its cost of installation, and how solar will affect your monthly energy rate.

One way to ensure that you are protected from predatory pricing or false promises is to ensure that your solar installer follows industry best practices and ethical guidelines, such as those provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association.  There industry code of ethics can be found here.


The Attorney General in five different states have also released statements urging consumers to select their solar provider carefully.  Each endorses solar technology, but they also urges citizens of their state to research and make informed decisions before purchasing solar to ensure that they make the best, informed decision.

Please follow these links to the Attorney General statements for more information:

Arizona Attorney General

Connecticut Attorney General

Louisiana Attorney General 

Mississippi Attorney General 

Vermont Attorney General